About Us

POSCAR Digital, in a vision to digitize Education System in Asia


Our core vision is about education in this digital age. We are providing our products from system to service to make educators and learners easy to access, easy to learn and more.

Smart System

Not only software that we develop, we also focus on integrating & embeding hardware with our system, we use smart card, facial recognition technologies and other more.

Other services

We provide the technologies that bring all educators, users to share contents. We offer other services such as WikiTV, an education TV program; WikiSpace and library to search all available documents on the net.

NGS, Sisowat High School, talks about our WikiSchool system (June, 19)

Our Products & Services

School Management System (WikiSchool)

WikiSchool, the software is offering an effective communicational channel that helps the institute to contact parents and staff.

Administration easily shares notices, news alerts for student and it became easier to circulate information within the circle. Study material, student reporting all can be accessed with a few clicks through smart devices at everywhere and anytime.

Smart Card System

POSCAR is providing smart card printing with in-use with attendance, and event management system.

It’s also used as a payment card with POS.

Attendance System

All the data are real-time collected and then send directly to timesheets which makes time management much easier and faster.

We use either smart card or facial recognition or both technologies.

Online Document Search & Storage

WikiSpace, more than thousand of useful documents have been stored in WikiSpace which enabling you to search faster for any document you are looking for.


Online Library Management System

WikiLibrary, POSCAR is offering simple, user-friendly online library management system.

Online Learning Management System

WikiLMS, All of the information is structured in an organised way in the same place, making it accessible to all users. Courses, calendars, multimedia content, archives and evaluations are accessible in just one click.

All learners have access to learning content and materials at any time and from any place where they have internet access.

Online Education TV

WikiTV, The first online education TV. POSCAR is proving only contents which relevant to education and useful information.

WikiTV is now available online, on Smart TV (Samsung, LG TV), Android and iOS devices.


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